Čin-Čin Art Gallery - clean-cut, provocative, yet elegant and intimate, street level walk-in, so inviting...where space, art and bodies create unique air to breathe it in to take it with you...the space where visual stimulation will leave an indelible imprint in your mind and trigger the dialogue with your inner self...

You simply want to be back again.

Čin Čin Gallery is a private  gallery which was  established in 2010 with the aim to present, promote and sell  contemporary Slovak art. Our main focus is on a few  well established artists and young talented  artists with promising potential. Currently we plan to extend our activities abroad and operate more internationally.

We organise 8-9 exhibitions per year. In addition to the running exhibition, contemporary jewellery of famous artists is presented during the whole year: P. Arbet, L. Bartková,  A. Ďurianová,  L. Gašparovičová, J. Jánoš,  M. Hornyák,  M. Klbečková, L. Kováčiková, P. Machata, J. Machatová,  D. Mikayeliane, V. Münzker and  K. Siposová

If you are interested to recieve invitations to exhibition openings and other events, please let us know at: galeria@galeriacincin.sk