Katarína Kissoczy

1974 – 1980- Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts,  Prague.

She started collaborating with the film studios at Barrandov in Prague and in Bratislava as a student. Later she worked as a scenographer in the HADI theatre in Brno and in Prostějov.

In 1980 she founded an alternative space DOLINECKA Prague, and organised exhibitions, art albums, theatre performances, concerts and parties together with the Slovak New Wave of photographers.

In the second half of the 1980s she became a founding member of the group of young Slovak artists (EXTERIOR), travelling between Bratislava and Prague. Painters and sculptors radically stirred the then stagnant Slovak art scene and showed site-specific works with features of Postmodernist art in open-air exhibitions (EXTERIOR 1-4).

In 1984 she founded her own studio and workshop ARTPUZZLE.

She worked in the Netherlands and New York for a longer period and graduated there (1987 – 2000).

Since the 1990s she has regularly attended art fairs and exhibitions in Germany, the United States, France, Netherlands (Heim und Handwerk, Tendency, NYIGF).

Her work was awarded Honourable Mention WCC Bratislava (1986) and the Bavarian State Prize for Design (1995 Munich). In 1996 she opened the ART PUZZLE Gallery in Prague.

Her works can be found in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Applied Arts Museum in Prague, Neue Sammlung Museum Angewandte Kunst in Munich, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg and in domestic and foreign private collections.

In 2008 she opened the ATELIER.EM gallery, and since 2009 she has organised art symposium SEM (International Art Symposium Homage to Erna Masarovičová) and prepared publications. The monograph on Erna Masarovičová received the Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2012 award.

In 2011 she opened the BAZEN/POOL Gallery focusing on site-specific installations and since 2013 has run the Garden Gallery (exhibitions of outdoor garden sculpture), organising events and exploring platforms for contemporary sculpture. She lives in Prague and Bratislava.

Solo exhibitions:

1984  Galéria Cypriána Majerníka, Bratislava

1985  NDV Gallery Amsterdam, Chmelnice Prague

1986  Slovak Centre for Culture, Prague, Gallery Atelier, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1990  Galéria Cypriána Majerníka, Bratislava

1991  Institute Francais, Prague, Ville Fontaine / Lyon France

1994  Galerie u Řečických, Prague

1997  Galeria K.D, Olomouc

2005  Gallery Laguna Beach, USA

2013 Galéria SPP, Bratislava,  Galéria Statua SIGNS, Bratislava

2014 Galéria Čin Čin / KISSOCHY, Bratislava

2015 Galéria Zichy Palace, Bratislava

2016 Galéria M. A. Bazovského, Trenčín / with Erna Masarovičová

2017 Oravská Galéria , Dolný Kubín / with Erna Masarovičová ,GJK Trnava / with EM

Galéria Čin Čin / Exoplanets, Bratislava