1961-1965  Academy of Fine Arts and Design /Prof. Milly, Prof. Matejka/

1965-1971 teacher at the School of Applied Arts


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 - The Master's g/love/, Galéria umenia, E. Zmetáka, Nové Zámky

2017 - Easily Serious Paintings, Galéria 19, Bratislava

- Visegrad 4Art, National Museum of Przemysl District

2016 - Fila Draws Paštéka, Čin Čin Gallery, Bratislava

2015 - Picture on Canvas - Canvas on Picture, Galerie Města Pardubic, Galeria ARS, Brno

2013 - It will remain in the Family, Galéria mesta Bratilavy,

- Milan Bočkay through the Eyes of J. Valoch, Slovak Institute, Prague

2012 - Four Seasons and Dry Water, Čin Čin Gallery

2011 - Black Background and Unvisible Low Layers, GMB, Bratislava

- East of Eden, Photorealism, - version of reality, Ludwig Museum, Budapest /catalogue

2009 - Traps of Visual Illusion - Current shapes of trompe  l'oeil, Nitrianska galéria, Nitra

2006 - Dialogues, with Klára Bočkayová, Ostrava